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October 08, 2007


Mary-Lou Hoare

I was struck by your comment 'with enough room to sqeeze our children in in the school holidays'. How very evident that was at the time and it explains why I never felt at home in Mougins - and we weren't at that time grown up enough to 'leave' home.

Mary-Lou Hoare

Re reading my comment I come across as bitter. It was not meant as such. Your house is perfect for you and hearing how the area has evolved over the years to suit you couldn't have been better planned. How lucky you are. I would like to find a house that will suit all of us in the years to come, but I fear these days, as I seek more solitude, the children will want more action and one side will have to compromise and I guess that will be me. But who knows!
I remember the sheep with bells, the views and the walks along the canal to Picasso's house fondly. I wouldn't say that all the new villas that have taken their place is better, but it is progress. It raises the question: Is progress always better?


Mary Lou

I'm glad you are not bitter! My assignment to France when you were barely 16 was clearly disruptive, but you did lodge with my sister and had a comfortable bed here and a ticket out. With hindsight I am relieved (and proud) that you made out so well in London.

Yes it was a squash, after Oaklands and compared with the splendid playrooms and facilities you all give my grandchildren.


Most people berate progress and urbanisation. The most common statement about Bangkok among old timers is "it was much better 25 years ago" of course it wasn't as you could not even buy wine or Marmite 20 years ago! I remember 25 years ago, people saying that Bangkok had been ruined and it was much better 25 years before. I wasn't around Bangkok in the early 60's and it may well have been more pleasant but I bet child mortality was much higher.

It is pleasant to hear that progress around Mougins has suited you and you are grateful for it!

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