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August 07, 2007



I don't know what other career choices were open to you. I can't see you teaching. Or becoming an Anglican priest. What on earth would you have done with all those Catholic children! And anyway, you were born to wear that uniform. Pictures, please! I don't think any other officer looked as good as you did in it.
Seriously, though, do we really have that much choice in our initial careers? I'm pretty sure that parents' educational choices and class expectations weigh heavily on their children's options even today. And the rare child who reacts against its parents' wishes, is still not really making a free choice.


Thanks for the follow up, - and thanks for a new wonderful word. To really learn, understand and remember new words I know the only way is to use it many times each day - but will that word really fit into my everyday conversation, - at work, at home? And yes, - you guessed right, - for the foreigner the new word was: troglodyte.

Caroline: I definitely support your demand for pictures. Mike is so handsome - even out of uniform today, - and in a uniform he must have been the best looking man in the whole navy!


Troglodyte- according to Wikpedia

"1.A member of a primitive race or tribe of cave-dwellers, a caveman.
2.A person who lives in seclusion, a hermit.
3.A person who lives in a slum, a degraded person like the prehistoric or savage cave-dwellers.
4.One of a group of people who built homes into the faces of cliffs, connected by underground passageways, such as in France or Tunisia.
5.Troglodytes (wren), a genus of small bird.
6.The common chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, an anthropoid ape.
7.Troglodyte (Dungeons & Dragons), a race of humanoid monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game."

I like the Common Chimpanzee!

I once again enjoyed your recant. And don't worry Uncle Jack said and did things he shouldn't. Like taking us boys for a ride in his car when he was practically blind!


Just a note of caution. I think it is a quote from the book you gave Mark -Cicero
"I hope I can finish this before I finish"
Don't take too long to write it- we all might miss a bit.
This is not supposed to sound gloomy-just from another impatient son!

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